"From raw data (or no data) to actionable intelligence".  Wherever my clients were on that spectrum regarding a business problem, I was able to provide a solution.  My training and experience as an intelligence analyst and Quality Improvement Associate, together with my database and programming skills, enabled me to provide what they needed --- and usually exceeded their expectations.

Besides my immediate success in meeting a need, I establish good rapport with my clients.  I can work with any management style or decision-making method.  I can work in Agile, waterfall, or hybrid methodology.  Also, I am as eager to learn as to explain.  All of my projects begin with me learning what the client's stated and unstated needs are.  This is one reason why many of my clients keep using my services.

Showcased on the pages linked below are some non-confidential case studies, descriptions, and work samples demonstrating my work.  Some of my best work is confidential, even after many years, and so is mentioned only in passing if at all.  I trust that the projects showcased below will illustrate how I might solve your own company's business problems.

CQIA - American Society for Quality
International Institute of Business Analysis

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