MS SQL Server Management Studio

Experience:  7.6 years

Latest version used:  2017

Functionality used:

  • T-SQL:  Cursors, dynamic SQL, OpenQuery calls to other servers.
  • Stored procedures, ad hoc queries, views, function creation,  scheduled jobs.
  • Creating, modifying, populating, and dropping tables.

Sample projects:

  • Nightly scripts for survey distribution to customers.
  • Automation of much of seasonal product sales reporting (revenue and customer demographics with historical comparisons).
  • MS Access/MS Word/MSSS application to compose letters to customers based on >1 million record data sets.

See sample of my code

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Oracle SQL Developer & Toad / PL/SQL

Experience:  2.8 years

Latest version used:  11g

Functionality used:  Ad hoc queries, function creation.

Sample projects:

  • Creation of pass-through queries for MS Access applications.
  • Composing and running quality assurance scripts in data conversion projects.
  • Ad hoc queries for sales reports.

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Teradata SQL Assistant / Teradata SQL

Experience: 1 year

Latest version used: 15.0

Functionality used: Table creation, stored procedure creation, function creation, ad hoc queries.

Sample projects: Automated daily pricing system for tens of thousands of products (stored procedures, tables, functions, and views).

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MS Access w/ VBA automation and MS Office integration

Experience:  24 years

Latest version used:  Office 365

Functionality used:  Creating forms, tables, queries, pass-through queries (to Oracle, SQL Server, and Teradata), reports, VBA (e.g., automated email, import/export using Excel and text files, export to PowerPoint, automated MS Word mail merge).

Sample projects:

  • Creation of end-to-end automated reporting tools incorporating SQL Server and Oracle inputs and outputs to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Creation of ad hoc reporting databases incorporating data imported from diverse sources (e.g., data hygiene projects, sales and demographic reporting).

See sample of my code.

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MS MapPoint

Experience:  4 years

Latest version used:  2013

Functionality used:  Address plotting, importing customer info for address plotting and geographic reporting of statistics and demographics, creating presentation-quality maps for reports.

Sample projects:

  • Researching possible sites for new store locations.
  • Determining under-penetrated ZIP codes for mailing list purchasing decisions.
  • Planning direct mail campaigns.

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Google Analytics

Experience:  2 years

Latest version used: December 2018

Functionality used:  Standard reports, creating custom reports, scheduling auto-delivery of reports, ad hoc campaign reporting based on UTM tags.

ALSO:  Developed taxonomy for UTM tags to support measurement by specific object in email (e.g., header link, footer link, particular body text link, image link, etc.).

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Experience:  1 year

Latest version used:  (2010)

Functionality used:  Queries, deduping tool.  Primary use was linking data from back-end to use in self-serve reporting application built with MS Access (which provided much more flexibility in reporting than NetSuite front-end offered).

ALSO:  Developed conventions for naming municipal clients to help differentiate different townships in same state with the same name (but different county) as well as for entities associated with unincorporated areas. Performed mass upload of new customer information after trade shows (and after data cleansing, deduping, and address verification outside of NetSuite).

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Experience: 1 yr

Latest version used:  2013

Functionality used:  Process mapping, floor plan layout.

Sample projects: Mapping daily process for automated pricing of tens of thousands of products; layout of point-of-sale advertising in bank branches.

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US Census Bureau website

Experience: 1 year

Latest version used:  (2017)

Functionality used:

American Fact Finder
Selecting data sets and geographic level for large extracts of demographic data for use in marketing projects.

Uploading thousands of customer addresses to verify correctness of the address, get corrections to them, and have Census Bureau geocoding (e.g., census tract) applied to each.

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Software courses

Microsoft Visio 2016, December 2018
Computer Education Center - Science Museum of Minnesota (Saint Paul, MN)

Advanced Database Design, July 2008
Computer Education Center - Science Museum of Minnesota (Saint Paul, MN)

Oracle 10g SQL Fundamentals, July 2007
Onyx Software Development Training Company (Edina, MN)

System Administration for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, February 2001
New Horizons Computer Learning Center (Richfield, MN)

Advanced Microsoft Access, June 1998
Chubb Institute for Advanced Studies (Parsippany, NJ)

Programming in Visual Basic 4.0, December 1997
Chubb Institute for Advanced Studies (Parsippany, NJ)

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