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Bachelor of Arts – Political Science, June 1987
Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

  • Attended on competitive full scholarship from U.S. Army
  • Studies: Latin American studies, U.S. foreign policy, Soviet foreign policy
  • Cadet Battalion Commander in senior year (highest cadet rank)
  • Winner of University President's Leadership Award
  • Distinguished Military Graduate, U.S. Army Reserve Officers Training Corps

Military Intelligence Officers Basic Course, Feb.-Aug. 1988
U.S. Army Military Intelligence School (Fort Huachuca, AZ)

  • Depicting graphically the factors and decision points of an upcoming battle
  • Creating a system to support intelligence production
  • Giving presentations (oral & written)
  • U.S. and Soviet military doctrine

Counterdrug Intelligence Analysis Course, February 1993
US Army Intelligence Center

(hosted by Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy, Columbus, OH)
  • Using PERT charts to identify modus operandi and intelligence gaps
  • Intelligence support for the creation of a comprehensive surveillance plan
  • Identifying basic money-laundering techniques

Technology Assessment & Commercialization, June 2001
National Technology Transfer Center, NASA (Wheeling, WV)

  • Means and modes for determining a new technology's competitive position
  • Deciding on patent vs. trade secret
  • Identifying opportunities and barriers to commercialization