W  I  L  L      B  E  A  U  C  H  E  M  I  N


"Writing is thinking. 
To write well is to think clearly.
That's why it's so hard."

~ David McCullough, author and historian

I offer these writing samples both as evidence of my ability to write well and to think clearly.  

Working in the field of competitive intelligence and research in general, I have written many reports.  Most are, by their nature, confidential.  The documents below are all non-sensitive due sanitization, the passage of time, or the client company no longer existing.  Click the gold hyperlinks to open a PDF of each document.

Report of research findings - competitor intelligence 

I created this report at the request of Nabisco Tablespreads Company executives to whom I had been reporting news of a Canadian company's new cholesterol-lowering food additive. In the course of my ad hoc reports, I had identified two companies as the possible unnamed partner of the Canadian firm, Forbes Medi-Tech. Nabisco executives asked me to consolidate and review all available information on these two suspects and determine which of the two was the likely partner. NOTE: A year later, Forbes Medi-Tech announced that the partnership with the still unnamed food company had been terminated. This prevented me from confirming the conclusion I reached.  A year later, Forbes reached an agreement with Novartis and 11 years later was acquired by Pharmachem Laboratories.

Besides helping Nabisco in its search for a buyer for its margarine business (Nabisco Tablespreads Company), my report also led the company to purchase the recently issued patent I discovered and discuss in the report (p. 6). 

NOTE:  Nabisco Tablespreads Company and Forbes Medi-Tech no longer exists and many of the web pages cited as sources no longer exist. 

Process Documentation

This 2+ page sanitized excerpt is a chapter about one role in a process.  My concept for the document was to give each role player their own chapter.  In this way, they would only need to read a few pages to understand their responsibilities and how to perform them.  Early in the full document (not included) was a table outlining the entire process in phases and listing the role players active in each phase.  In this way, each role-player could see where their responsibilities were in the larger process without having to read the entire documentation to learn that.

Technical Writing

This is a sanitized excerpt from a manual on how to incorporate standardized code elements into new and existing MS Access/VBA applications.  The standardized code elements were written by others and use the conventions of the client --- so you will find screenshots that do not represent how I write code.  You can judge me by how well I orient the reader to what must be done and explain how to do it.

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