W  I  L  L      B  E  A  U  C  H  E  M  I  N
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Twin Cities - Minnesota

From raw data to actionable intelligence 

My rare background as both a research analyst and an MS Office developer enables me to meet information needs no one else can.

I create automated solutions for MS Office.  I improve your data.  I obtain market data and give you actionable intelligence.   Contact me.


MS Office

  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for automation of:
       MS Access
    Excel - Word - Outlook - PowerPoint  
  • MS MapPoint 2013 (used for geographic marketing analysis)
  • MS Visio 2013

SQL Server Management Studio 2005
Oracle SQL Developer: Version 2.1


Reporting Software
Tableau, Crystal Reports, Business Objects

Web scraping
for extracting large amounts of data from the Web.


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INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: Financial services, manufacturing, food, health insurance, entertainment, B2B/B2G services, and law enforcement.

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